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Solutions for Media Professionals

Creating radio, television, music, art or for the web involves integrating the human with the technological. At Blue Cow, we design solutions that meet your challenges and allow you to create better.

Our clients include broadcasters, media houses, donor organisations, training institutions, churches, performance venues, events agencies, music makers, film makers, DJs, web designers and journalists from across the media spectrum.

We offer a range of services and products tailor-made to our clients' needs, combined with comprehensive technical support and training.

We love what we do. You are not going to encounter meaningless sales speak and empty techno babble here. We get excited about our client's work and savour the opportunity to develop and implement solutions that help them do it better.

We are really good at what we do. Our engineering department is headed by an actual degree holding engineer. Our technicians all hold recognised qualifications. Our network of consultants, trainers and sub-contractors are all acknowledged specialists in their respective fields. You'll notice the difference when talking to an expert.

We are based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Our work is such that it keeps us on the road, so we consider ourselves at home where ever we can add value.


Acoustic Design

Everything you want to near is sound, everything else is noise. We can advise on materials and techniques to reduce noise and increase soundproofing.

We are able to perform sound measurements of the acoustic quantities in rooms and venues. We manufacture a range of custom acoustic treatment products and can also supply off-the-shelf acoustics materials to enhance your critical (or pleasurable) listening experience.

We have designed and managed the construction of several studio complexes working in partnership with building contractors, advising on specific construction techniques and monitoring building work on behalf of our clients, to ensure that acoustically sensitive spaces perform as desired.

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Equipment Supply and Installation

We match client's needs to the right tool for the job. This demands that we supply a comprehensive range of professional equipment to meet any requirement.

However, supplying equipment is rarely the whole job. Those boxes need to talk to one another before anything happens! System integration is the art of turning boxes of equipment, rolls of wire and all the supporting hardware into attractive, functional finished systems.

We are system integrators. Our service is to ensure that the most appropriate equipment is securely installed, correctly wired and in the right position for the task.

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Training and Technical Support

We have a record of providing highly specific training. From presenting semester courses at tertiary level to on-site training in the operation of specific hardware and software, we have developed an archive of technical training material and techniques that has been widely acclaimed.

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Service and Maintenance

We consider service and maintenance to be a speciality, and have developed a comprehensive system for service and maintenance of studio equipment. In much the same way one maintains the good running of one's car, our system of studio servicing is based on regular, annual maintenance.

During each service, a vast number of service items are checked to ensure that problems are caught before they impact on the running of the facility. Through our relationships with independent service engineers and the agents of most major equipment brands, we offer a comprehensive repair and spares supply service.

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Technical Furniture and Accessories

Technical Furniture

Using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, combined with the power of computer-aided design, Blue Cow is able to produce attractive, durable and individually customised studio and technical furniture. That matches functionality with great looks. We make furniture by design and every aspect is considered down to the millimetre, assembled with precision and finished to the client's particular material and colour needs.


We manufacture a variety of custom studio and acoustic accessories, including on-air lights, acoustic panels and absorbers and custom "black boxes". We make extensive use of LED's for lighting systems, to combine minimum power consumption with maximum working life.


We make up custom audio and video cables, connector panels and cable patching systems. These range from heavy-duty multi-core audio cables to specialised video and computer cables. We are very serious about quality cable and connectors. Professional cables should provide a lifetime of silent and unnoticed service, and not be a source of problems.

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