MFM Broadcast Training

Posted: November 14, 2006

Blue Cow is providing a range of highly specialised broadcast training to MFM 92.6. Blue Cow was asked to develop a series of training interventions at the station to give the on-air and production teams that little something extra. We're crazy about radio so it is a very pleasurable challenge to develop a series of on-site station specific training programmes.

The first of these courses was a five-week course in basic production techniques that ended in October. The course was run in MFM's production studio and was completely hands-on. The huge advantage of on-site training is that it is focussed on the tools and equipment that is used in the station and is immediately relevant. This does demand that the trainer is extremely versatile in adapting to the on-site conditions, which is why Blue Cow employs only seasoned experts.

The trainees were all new volunteers but by the end of the course they had all produced compelling radio features. The next module will tackle vocal training for the station's new presenting team, to be followed in 2007 by a production master class for the station's producers.