Maybe not the End of an Era

Posted: February 3, 2007

We mentioned the other day that Quantegy has ceased making reel-to-reel tape which seemed to spell the demise of the reel-to-reel era. It appears that other manufacturers will be filling the gap...

From U. S. Recording makers of RMGI tape:

"Important Note: Quantegy has decided to end production of their open reel recording tape. RMGI will be ramping up production as necessary to take care of your future recording needs. Even with the elimination of Quantegy's analog tape production in the USA, US Recording has plenty of RMGI open reel tape in stock, as does the RMGI warehouse in the USA and Holland. There's no need to worry about the availability of tape even with the phase out of open reel tape at Quantegy."

And from ATR Magnetics:

"ATR Magnetics is ready to supply analog mastering tape and will meet market demand since the leaidng supplier (Quantegy) annouced that it will discontinue its line of analog tape after April 2007. So professional recording engineers around the world can rest assurred there will be a steady supply of high quality mastering tape"