Organising Your Audio Files

Posted: April 18, 2007

MPtag in Effect

Radio stations, DJ's and music lovers often have vast collections of digital audio files. Embedded in these files are wonderful things called tags. These tags hold data like the artist and track name. Many radio automation systems and media players like Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player use these tags to display information about the song that is playing.

At Blue Cow we often have work on these tags. Recently we had to correct and standardise tags on 2500 audio files for one of our radio clients. The files had different naming conventions, file formats and missing or incomplete tags. We quickly discovered some neat tools specifically for working on this aspect of audio files.

Two of these are MP3tag and Tigotago. Both can be freely downloaded and provide all manner of tools to work with tags. These include creating tags from file names, retrieving tags from online databases, and our favourite standardising tags... The perfectionists here like all the artist and track names to start with a capital letter.

If you need to bring order to your digital audio collection these two programmes work a treat.