Breathe Sunshine DVD

Client: Amabala Records (2005)

Breathe Sunshine Volume 3Black Mango music (formerly Amabala Records) have created a fascinating niche exporting the great sounds coming from the studios of South Africa to the world through a series of brilliant compilation albums.

The Breathe Sunshine series has showcased the finest chilled out lounge sounds and gone from strength to strength. With each installement of the series the audio CD is accompanied by a DVD that sets visuals to the music. For volume 3 in the series Amabala wanted South African pixel magicians to produce the DVD and approched The Liquid Fridge to get involved.

Through our relationship with The Liquid Fridge (our director is one of it's founders) Blue Cow get involved. We assembled a team of creatives, project managed the completion of the DVD and added a number of blue tinged pixels to the final product. When the opportunity beckons we're very excited to use the tools we more often supply, install and support.

The album is fantastic and you can get it here.

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