Lovelife Service Tour

Client: Lovelife (2004-2007)

The Service VanThe Lovelife service tour is studio maintenance on an epic scale. Lovelife operate radio studios at nine "Y-centres", two outside broadcast vehicles, the unique Lovetrain studio and a production studio in Johannesburg.

Each year the Blue Cow technical wizards pack a van full of spares and tools and take to the road for five weeks to repair and service each of these facilities. There are Y-centres in eight of the nine provinces many of them located in deep rural areas. Each Y-centre consists of a studio connected to a PA system that serves the entire Y-Centre complex. The service team strips, cleans, repairs and re-calibrates all of the studio and PA equipment. Makes sure the studio PC's are in working order and often still find time to make friends with the wonderful young people working in these studios.

This is a great project and we're particularly proud of our ability to provide such a high level of mobile technical support nationwide.

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