Pan African Space Station

Client: Pan African Space Station (PASS) (2008)

PASS Live!The Pan African Space Station is an opportunity for Capetonians and visitors to engage up-close with the rich and complex web of creative expression which binds Africans across the globe.Now in its second year, PASS continues its cross-cultural and cyber-spatial exploration, bringing together diverse pan-African sounds from ancient grooves to future hip-hop.

Blue Cow has been involved with PASS from the very 2008 we created a radio studio and streaming infrastructure for PASS to reach the world. In 2009 the studio was relocated to a larger venue that combined the radio studio with a live performance area. Far beyond mere radio PASS was now able to host, record and stream live musical performances.

The project is remarkable as it was executed on incredibly tight budgets to realise a very sophisticated system. In particular the streaming technology and website coding created a great sounding stream that can be reliably received by users on slow Internet connections. 

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