SAE Cape Town

Client: SAE Institute (2008-2009)

SAE Main StudioThe SAE Institute is the world leader in creative media education. When SAE launched their first school in Africa and the 50th school globally they turned to Blue Cow to design and install the audio recording studios at SAE Cape Town.

Blue Cow undertook the architectural design and specification of the studio spaces. Achieving a high level of "Soundproofing" was essential to ensure lectures were not disturbed by recording sessions. At the same time the design had to respect the history and limitations of the gorgeous heritage building the school occupies. Four new studio rooms were built with floating floors and ceilings, acoustic, attenuated air-conditioning systems, cavity walls and numerous specialised materials and acoustic detailing.

An unusual feature was the use of high resolution CCTV for visual communication between studios. This was needed as the building limitations and the isolation requirements made traditional studio windows impractical.

SAE Cape Town has two recording facilities each with a control room and recording room. The larger recording room boasts a Digidesign Icon control surface running Protools HD with KRK stereo monitoring and a Blue Sky 5.1 surround monitoring system. This is complemented by outboard gear from amongst others: SPL, Neve, Focusrite and dbx.

The smaller recording room has a Neve Genesys recording console (the first in Africa!) partnered with Apple Logic, MOTU interfaces, a Genelec monitoring system and outboard gear from Lexicon, SPL, dbx and TC Electronics.

Working with SAE's global team Blue Cow team wove all the threads of the masterpiece together, and completed the on-site wiring and equipment integration.

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