University of Stellenbosch Journalism Dept.

Client: University of Stellenbosch (2007)

The Edit BoothThis small studio provides the facility for journalists to record news segments and phone interviews to a computer using Adobe Audition editing software. Even though it is such a simple facility the booth was plagued with technical problems and valuable time was being wasted tackling technical problems instead of recording content.

Blue Cow was asked to put it right. Recognising that journalists should not need to be sound engineers to complete a voice report we set about reinstalling the booth.

Starting by rewiring in such a way that all cables were tied down and hidden from prying hands. Then introducing a system of labelling using colour codes so that if something is plugged in wrong, users can readily solve problems by following the colours. They would just have to make sure the red connector is plugged into the red hole and so on. This was backed up by creating an illustrated user guide specific to the booth that detailed step by step instructions for common tasks.

Combining best practice installation techniques and relevant training aids the facility is now running without a glitch.

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