Technical Papers

The Blue Cow Sound Isolation Primer is an introduction to soundprooofing and sound isolation issues. It explains why egg boxes on the ceiling is rarely the answer to noise problems with some suggestions on how to get quiet.

The Blue Cow UPS Primer provides an introduction to the topic of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and other back-up power systems for studios. 

Maintaining Audio Quality in the Broadcast Facility is a reference guide from Orban. Grab a copy if your interested in the factors that influence audio quality in your studio. It's written from a broadcast perspective but the principles apply to the smallest project studio.

Acoustics 101 is a great resource on sound isolation issues and studio acoustics from Auralex.

Digital 101 is a great primer on digital recording from Echo Audio.

Product Comparisons

We've tabulated the specifications for a number of  popular portable audio recorders and monitor speakers. Seeing the equipment specifications side by side makes it much easier to compare models and find the right piece of equipment for your needs.

The studio monitor comparison is here.

The portable audio recorder comparison is here.

Software Tools

CDex is an open source CD ripper and audio format converter. It's a great programme for getting CD audio onto hard drive quickly.

EAC - Exact Audio Copy is an excellent free CD ripping tool that uses AccurateRip to ensure error free copies.

Rightmark Audio Analyzer. This free tool comprehensively tests your PC audio system.